4, rue de l’Exposition, 75007 Paris.
M° : Alma, La Tour Maubourg, Ecole Militaire
Phone : (0) 1 45 51 88 38

A true rebel when it comes down to both everyday life and even the size of bites I take, I have the annoying tendency to put up a front to new restaurants that create a crazy buzz the moment they open – posters and signs tossed about almost everywhere you look, shoving the news of the opening down your throat until you just give in and give it a go. Because that, my friends, it’s something that we can’t avoid: we, as humans searching for something new and different, always let our curiosity take over.

However true this may be, the problem of this cultural phenomenon is that the buzz created to hype us up to believe that this restaurant is the next best thing does not always reflect what we end up experiencing – which is why we have certain restaurants donning the reputation of “new but not so great” as opposed to “buzz-worthy”.

photo 3 60 1024x768 POTTOKA // ENGLISH VERSIONSoft roasted chicken, chorizo and aspargus Read more…